The love hate brings

Growing up, Prince Richard Hugh did not believe in love. He thought it was too overrated, and judging from how every girl in the kingdom liked him he thought they only liked what he had, but there was one girl Eurah Adamson, who hated the Prince because she thought he was a spoiled brat who knew nothing at all, was born with a sliver spoon and golden plate, knew nothing about being a real man and she had never been eye to eye with the Prince. One morning Richard decided to go into the village market dressed as a common man, wanting to see if people would recognise him, on his way there, he realized he had forgotten his wallet at home, and he did not notice because he always moved with it. He got hungry and asked the marketeer who was selling apples to wash two for him, some people recognized him but some didn’t, so matted

“is he the Prince’s look like, perhaps his twin?”

He laughed and ate the apples, sir you need to pay the marketer said, looking into his pockets he had no money and this pissed the man who was selling so he started scolding him and got furious and wanted to beat him. This caught Eurah’s attention so she walked towards him and whispered do as I say or you will die here,

“James hi, its been long how are you?” Eurah asked

“go away Eurah I don’t need your trouble today, I have scores to settle with this thief” James replied

“thief wow let me help you beat him up” Eurah said while grabbing Richard’s shirt and pulling him to her, then she whispered

“on a count of three you run in my direction okay”

“can you imagine he ate without paying” James continued to talk as Eurah counted and before she could reach three she grabbed his hands and run, James was furious because he couldn’t leave his stand so he shouted in anger

“Euuuuuuraaaaaahh!!!!!!!” Reaching her house Richard was tired but he was laughing, it was exciting to do that, then he wondered,

“does she know who I am, maybe that’s why she saved me,”

“thank you very much for what you did back there but didn’t it get you in trouble?”

“No I will pay him later when I find money” Eurah replied,

“I can come back and pay and he won’t hurt me this time” Eurah laughed hard and said

“why won’t he, its not like you the Prince or something haha”

Richard was amazed “she doesn’t know me” he thought so he asked

“have you ever seen the Prince before”

“me no, I have no plans of seeing that jerk, he thinks he is all that just because things are done for him, I mean I bet he wouldn’t even hold the hands of someone like me” Eurah replied,

and this touched Richard for once a girl who didn’t know him cared about him let alone wanted to know him and he was intrigued,

“I have to go now, how can I find you so that I can repay your kindness?”

Eurah looked at him and said “it’s fine I will be going to work in that stupid palace tomorrow its my fathers wish, so I won’t be around much, but I had fun running around the market with you, the next time we meet you buying me food” then she laughed and walked away.

Richard was happy that he would get to see her in the palace but he feared their friendship also would not go any further for she hated the Prince and for the first time in his life he felt broken….

Love in an unwanted marriage

The ending

It had been three days since she got home and Martha worked herself to the bone, but that didn’t stop her heart from aching. When Rebecca saw the state in which her friend was in, she didn’t want to ask because she knew Martha would tell her everything once she was ready. Later that night Martha and Rebecca decided to grab some drinks before heading home, as they were sitting a handsome looking young man walked towards them and said,

“I think its not nice that two beautiful women drink alone with no company at all, don’t you agree”

“and who are you to think, that we need company” Martha retorted,

“I am the man who wants to know your name, I have been looking at you from my table”

he replied with a smile, then Martha realised she needed a distraction someone to help her forget Michael,

“so am sure you want to buy me a drink?”

She replied while using her hand to balance her head on the bar table,

“I will gladly do it; Sydney Freeman is my name” he said while sitting next to her,

“Martha foster,” she replied while extending her hand for him to shake.

One week later they where meeting up for lunch and dinner till Sydney asked her to go on an official date, without even thinking twice about it she agreed.

He had just arrived home after a long week, Michael stayed longer in Dubai to clear his head but it just seemed not to work then he thought this is the best time to meet his future wife, so he rang his parents and told them to organize a way for them to meet, and this made both families happy, Rosa immediately called the office and was so formal about it,

“Rebecca please tell Miss Foster she has a date tonight, and we already bought her outfit, its with the make-up artist who’s on her way right now”

Rebecca was so happy as she walked into her boss’ office.

“Miss Foster, your parents have ordered you clear your schedule for the day, you have a dinner to attend, and as we speak a makeup artist is on their way”

“I have to see Sydney after this why are my parents doing this right now,” Martha replied,

“she said it’s of urgent attention,” Rebecca replied with a sad face.

Sitting there with the beautiful ring he picked out which he thought would look great on Martha, Michael chose it because he loved it the moment he laid his eyes on it, and it hurt him that he had to put it on another woman’s finger. Entering the St.Cruise hotel wearing a beautiful body tight white dress and red stiletto pointed heels, with her hair tied upwards into a gorgeous bunt, Martha walked swiftly and softly as her hips swayed from the left to right.

” I was told a table was reserved, and someone is waiting for, me” Martha said to the door man who was standing with a list of guests to the eating area because it was always booked.

“Your name Madame?”

“Martha, Martha Foster” she replied,

“oh miss Foster, you are on table fifteen, the man waiting for you just went to the gents,”

” man? Did Sydney go to her parents and ask for this?”

She thought to herself as she sat holding the menu to her face, walking to his table, it seemed like déjà vu, this woman’s features were like that of Martha, the way she sat and composed herself, or was he just hallucinating from missing her too much?

The table was a bit far from where he was but he was certain he would know her if she came, he rushed to the table and couldn’t believe his eyes, the woman he was going to marry, the woman his father arranged a marriage for was none other than the woman he was madly and irrevocably in love with.

Martha was focused on her phone, looking at menu while thinking of the text she received from her best friend saying its a blind date and her parents arranged marriage for her,

“who could this man be? And why do my parents want me to marry him?”

Lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear him sit cross the table to her,

“you took your time, I thought you wouldn’t come, But it was worth it you are beautiful” He said while holding the menu to his face,

“Martha’s body tingled as she had flash backs, to Michael’s caresses, how carefully he touched and loved her slowly, how she bore her soul to him, she put her menu down and saw the suit and she was overwhelmed,

“Am I the woman your parents wanted you to marry, or you set me up?” She said with teary eyes,

“I am glad my parents arranged my marriage as he went down on one knee looking at her he said,

“I run for you, looked for you, when you left you took a part of me, and honestly I don’t want it back; I want you to bare my heart and do whatever you want with it, I want to wake up next to you and watch you get dressed, I want to spend the rest of my remaining life loving you till I die, will you marry me?”

Martha dropped tears as she stood up,

“not a day went by that I didn’t want to reach you, call you and hold you, I tried distracting myself with work, hell, I even tried seeing someone but all I could think of is you, I love you Michael Beckharma and I will marry you in this life and the next; I will love you then too, because I gave you my soul”

“is that a ‘yes?’ ”

Michael asked as the people in the eating area stared in anticipation waiting for the answer,

“yes…. Yes… yes a thousand yeses, of course I will marry you”

she replied while he put the ring on her fingers and stood up slowly, it was all clear now: their room issue in Dubai was their parents doing,

“I love you Martha Foster, Mrs future Beckharma”

Michael said as he pressed his month against hers and kissed her like he was drinking from a cup to quench a thirst he had. After dinner they went back to Martha’s house, upon arriving Martha, got out of her heels as she was struggling to unzip her dress, she felt Michael close in on her as he held her zipper and unzipped it passing his hands to her stomach as he slowly turned her around and kissed her, oh how intense it was when they both suddenly realized they missed each other. Dropping her dress to the floor he lifted her caressing her buttocks in a way that made her want him more laying her down on the couch he softly asked her,

“did you let him touch you?”

He softly said while pressing light kisses on her neck as she helped him out of his clothes,

“no I didn’t, he just kissed me once ”

Martha replied, hearing this triggered a serge in him that with one thrust he filled her and they were one, and he moved in a motion that made her yearn for him.

When they were in bed Michael stood up with his Nudeness and said,

“you kissed another man, another ma”

and she stood up as well and said “it meant nothing, cause my soul belongs to you,”

and they kissed, it was in that moment that Michael believed love is possible within hours and this was just the beginning of his and Martha’s love story…

Love in an unwanted marriage


Waking up to a woman getting dressed Michael decided to enjoy the view for just a minute more, till he looked at the time and realized it was half past 07am and his meeting was in 30 minutes, so he jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, this startled Martha so she rushed and asked him,

“are you okay?”

“Yes… I just have a meeting in 30minutes and I was told this woman is a tough one” he replied,

“okay I also have a meeting, so let’s solve the room issue when we both return”

she said in a worried voice, because she didn’t want to spend another night in the same room with this man who she keeps thinking about. Waiting in the breakfast lounge Martha was looking at the menu when a man sat across the table from her, without putting the menu down she said,

“I was starting to think you won’t make it..”

Her voice rang through Michaels body and his entire body froze,

“I am always on time I just overslept for some reason”

hearing this Martha quickly put down her menu wishing it was not who she was thinking but no, there he was, the man she spent the night with, the man she thought she would never see again as she went home, was her new business partner,

“why didn’t she ask him what his name was?”

She thought to herself as she stared at him, Michael was somewhat embarrassed cause he indirectly mocked her earlier in the bathroom, he cleared his throat and said,

“I’m sure my father sent in his contract do you want to discuss it?”

“Uhm I already went through it and we will gladly do business with you and when we revise it we will send it to your father”

she said as she was standing from her chair because she couldn’t stand how attractive he was in his suit,

“at least tell me your first name Miss Foster” Michael said in a low tone,

“Martha…. Martha Foster and you?”

“Michael Beckharma” he replied,

there was an awkward quietness as they stared at each other,

“do you want to fix the room issue now?”

Martha said while breaking the stare, then Michael stood up slowly and walked to her and said without thinking,

“no… I don’t, I want to stay in that room with you”

as he softly touched her face and pressed a light kiss on her soft lips,

” I would like that too”

Martha said softly as she walked away, then she turned and gave him a sign to follow her, they couldn’t explain this feeling it was as if something had possessed their bodies but they let it happen. As they were in bed Michael holding Martha in his arms close to her chest he said,

“my parents found me a wife, who I have never seen, so I have to marry her for my father”

Martha’s heart sunk and her eyes got teary. Why did it hurt when he said that,

“well will you do it?” She asked,

Michael could sense the pain in her voice,

“I have to, my father isn’t well its his last wish”

in that moment Martha realised how hard she fell for this man as tears rolled to his chest, she stood up and excused herself and ran to the bathroom, Michael followed her,

“Martha are you okay? Did I say anything that offended you? Talk to me”

“leave me alone, in fact I need some space leave the room for an hour please”

Michael felt her words in his gut,

“why was he hurt and why didn’t he want to leave her in the state she was in?”

He thought, then he grabbed his gym kit and walked out, as soon as she was done showering Martha called the airport to reschedule her flight to the next hour instead of two more days. Coming back to the room hoping to find her in a better mood, Michael entered and couldn’t see her bags; he rushed to the bathroom, checked the toilet and she was not there. He ran down to the receptionist and asked,

“the woman I was sharing a room with ah… has she changed rooms?”

“You mean Miss Foster?” The receptionist asked,

“yes Martha Foster” he replied,

“sorry sir she checked out an hour ago”

Michael couldn’t believe it so he asked,

“did she say why, I mean why did she leave?”

the receptionist couldn’t answer she just nodded her head in an ‘I don’t know motion’

Michael sunk and sat down leaning toward the reception desk and he thought,

“if she only waited and heard his explanation about turning his father down for her”…..


The ending is near stay tuned.

Love in an unwanted marriage


Grabbing her clothes and hiding her body from Michael, Martha was so embarrassed and dressed her half naked body facing away from him,”but wait, this man is also half naked”she thought so she turned and with nothing but her top on looked at the gorgeous human standing in front of her, tracing his muscles as he opened his bag for some sweat pants and a T-shirt,”I will get very disturbed if you continue to stare at me like that Miss,”Michael said while lifting his face and their eyes met. Something was burning in Martha’s eyes that made it so obvious that she wanted that man; the eye contact was so strong that she had to break it off by looking away,”ah we need to go down stairs and solve this room issue, so please cover your amazing body””haha wait, my what?”Michael responded, and it was as if he brought Martha’s senses back,” what I meant was, your body is destructing, God no its nice, ah what am I saying, I mean you can’t go down stairs in a towel, good Lord Martha put yourself together “she said while turning around and touching her forehead as if she was sweating,”wow huh, and are you planning on going like that, with your lace undies and a top?”Martha then grabbed her skirt and said,”I will go down first…””no no no we need to go together”Michael replied as he was struggling to move while wearing his T-shirt.Back at home the four parents where having lunch and wondering how their children are reacting to the the fact that they have the same room, which was Rebecca’s idea and they commended it,”what would we do with her”Rosa exclaimed and both sides burst into laughter.”Is there something wrong with the system, my secretary booked a room for me but how come, am in a room with a woman”Michael asked,”oh you prefer a man then”Martha retorted and they started arguing in front of the receptionist,”uh… excuse me I am sure we can work something out but by tomorrow, as at now I am sorry to say we have no empty room and other hotels are booked you will have to share the room because its already late, please bare with us”Martha’s face turned red,”are you sure, no room non at all?” She asked,”that’s what I said madam” the receptionist replied,”wait I need to share a room with a man?””Wow now you have a problem with that,”Michael resorted and the receptionist just looked at both of them as they walked back to the room. Martha was pacing back and forth,”seat down, it will all be sorted by morning,” Michael said,”how will we sleep I mean? We don’t know each other”Martha said in a panicking voice that ticked Michael off as he stood from the couch and grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him, and they were face to face her body against his, he could feel her warmth and she was shivering,”I do not sleep a lot you know, so I might be killer, or a drug dealer who knows, a fragile woman like you should be scared, I mean look at me” he said”I… I am not afraid of you, I am not fragile, on the contrary, I am a firm woman”Martha said in a shivering voice as she moved backward until her back was against the wall, she was not afraid of him she was afraid of the desire she felt for this man and it was taking over her body,”are you sure?” He asked,”yes I am…””Prove it to me then,”he said while touching her soft face gently, Martha couldn’t think of anything so she closed the space between them and she kissed him, Michael didn’t expect this, neither did he want to pull away. Instead he held her close, and kissed her back slowly, as if drinking from her essence, and before they knew it they where in the rhythm of making love passionately, it was as if both just left the real world for a while and they didn’t care; they both thought, “I’m sure I won’t see him again, I’m sure I won’t see her again” so they just let it happen…Stay tuned….©Clomidel

Love in an unwanted marriage


Always being the center of attraction, Michael never paid too much attention to females. He once loved a woman who broke his heart and since then he only sought pleasure in woman when he needed it. Focused on his own company because he refused to take up and inherit his parent’s, Michael had sleepless nights which gave him insomnia. One morning Michael received a call from his parents; his father was asking him to travel to Dubai to seal a business deal for him because he had a contract that he was scheduled to present to this particular company, then Michael asked,

“why is the meeting in Dubai, when the company isn’t?”

His father hardened his voice and said,

“is it too much to ask?”

At that moment Michael felt something harden inside him, a serge in his heart that reminded him that he had to be there for his father in his dying days.

Martha was packing and asking her secretary who was also her Bestfriend if everything was ready, then she wondered,

“why would my father schedule a meeting in Dubai?”

Then Rabecca replied,

“probably to get a workaholic like you to see the world”

they both looked and each other and laughed and Martha replied,

“I think you are so right”

she needed some air outside her office and what she really wanted was a bottle of red wine in a relaxing bathtub after visiting the spar.

“I have extended your leave to two more days of no work, just relaxation” Rabecca exclaimed,

“you need it”

with a smiley face. Upon entering the airport, Martha turned to Rabecca and asked,

“please tell me you booked a hotel room for me in advance because I am sure I will be jet lagged?”

“Way ahead of you,”

Rabecca replied while giving Martha a long warm hug. Arriving in his room, Michael was so tired that he went to shower immediately, shortly after Martha arrived being given the same room key as Michael, she paid no attention to the bag that was beside the bed, put her suitcase on the sofa in the room and started to undress, when Michael heard the door open he thought it was room service, then he thought,

“room service knocks, this one just opened the door was he about to be robbed?”

Stepping out of the shower slowly and grabbing his towel, he tiptoed back to the room and to his surprise a half naked,

“lovely half naked by the way,”

woman was standing there taking her bra off. Being a man, he hardened and froze for a while as he watched all her movements and motions, not seemingly like a thief, and when he saw the key he realised that a mistake had been made by staff. He coughed to make her aware of his presence, startled as she turned around, Martha was shook as she put one hard on her womanhood and the other covering her breasts,

“who….who are you and what… What what are you doing here?” She asked in a stammering voice,

“I should be asking you that because this is my room,” he replied,

“wait what, no sir I think you have this all wrong this is my room,”

letting her hand off her breasts while pointing at him, he couldn’t take it so her turned covering his manhood cause it reacted and it was embracing on his part,

“its just a naked woman, behave yourself,”

he whispered to himself as if he was having conversation with his penis.

“What did you just say?” Martha asked,

and this time with both hands on her waist. He tilted his head and asked softly,

“can you at least cover your half naked body, it’s hard to focus or even talk to a woman in lace underwear, which is sexy by the way and your pretty breasts pointing my way,”

“oh God,”

Martha just realised she was exposed and this man saw it all….

To be continued…


*Love in an unwanted marriage*

Raised like a princesses and spoiled all her life Martha grow up with only one friend who loved her dearly. Rabecca was always worried about her Bestfriend due to the fact that despite being rich and having everything in the world she lacked love, Martha was always working hard, had sleepless nights running her father’s business and ever since she brought in her ideas the company flourished to higher and higher stats, she believed the company was her love and she needed no man, that however worried her parents. One morning her mother Rosa got a call from her friend Maureen saying her son was becoming a workaholic and she wondered if they could marry both Martha and Michael, Rosa replied,

“this is a good idea, but what if they do not fall in love? am sure they will reject this offer,”

“we told Michael his father was sick and only had a few months to live and his last wish was that he would get married to the woman of our choice and we think your daughter is a perfect match” Maureen replied, not knowing it was a prank Rosa bust out in concern,

“what’s wrong with your husband? When did he get sick? Why am I knowing this now?”

“Haha God forbid this man is as healthy as a horse, you see we are getting old and we need grandchildren”

Maureen replied, this being a relief on Rosa’s part both woman bust into laughter and discussed their children’s wedding.

To be continued……